Herbal Tea To Lose Weight Naturally In 1 Month

Good morning Pakistan is famous Pakistani morning show that is hosted by Nida Yasir. Nida invites many celebrities and took their interiview. In this famous morning show she invites Dr Khurram Mushir and asks for many home based tips for weight lose. Doctor khurran tells a very easy herbal tea recipe to will burn extra fats of your body and will make you slim in just one month.

You should try this desi herbal totka for weight loose. You just need to make this harbel qehwa and have to take it for 8 to 10 times a day in little quantity and your belly fat will say you bye bye. You have to maintain the daily exercise with this herbal tea for weight lose and you can reduce your extra weight .

How To Make Herbal Tea To Get Rid Of Obesity – Full Recipe

Ingredients That You Need:

  1. 8 cups of water
  2. 6 spoons of jasmine tea
  3. A few mint leaves
  4. 6-10 cloves
  5. Liquorice
  6. 2 spoons of roasted fennel seeds
  7. 2 small pieces of ginger
  8. 1 Just Slim slimming tablet
  9. 1 spoon of honey


Take 8 cups of water and boil And add 6 spoons of jasmine tea In boiling water then add a few mint leaves. Now add 7-10 cloves. After adding cloves add liquorice. Add 2 spoons of fennel seeds and Then add 1-2 small pieces of ginger. Then 1 JustSlim slimming tablet and at At The End add 1 spoon of honey. Your Herbal tea to lose weight is ready now At Home Without Any Difficulty.

How to Use:

Take two sips or a half cup of this herbal tea to lose weight in 1 month 8-10 times a day to get rid of obesity.

Benefits of Herbal Weight Loss Tea

So, to get rid of  body fat, make this herbal tea to lose weight in 1 month. It is safe to use and also, do routine wise exercise and take enough daily water for better weight loss results.

The slimming tablet that is used in this herbal tea is safe to use and don’t have reverse effects. It have grapefruit extract and green tea in it that will help you to lose weight rapidly.

Liquorice also speeds up the process of fat burning to help you shed extra Kgs fast.


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