Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule, Fixture, Timetable


Cricket World Cup 2015 Cricket Schedule, Fixture, Timetable is here. Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule, Match Timetable & Vanue, The International Cricket Council dispatched the 2015 Cricket World Cup on Tuesday.

The 14-group competition will be arranged in Australia and New Zealand. ICC World Cup 2015 cricket arrangement begins on February 14, 2015 and finishes on March 29, 2015 Australia and New zealand this time will assume responsibility for this mega event.there are aggregate fourty nine matches ,which will be played for single title,and one group will get to be champion.

Australia who won four time ICC super occasion will have twenty six matches while staying twenty three matches will be played in New zealand,who not able to got any ICC title as such. Last match will be played at Melbourne Cricket Ground ,it is going to be world biggest games occasion after football.this is going to be second world glass which is generally facilitated in these two nations,first it was honored this opertunity in 1992 when Imran Khan Pakistan captain took this super occasion in his hands,and pakistan get to be first time best on the planet.

The 14 countries have been isolated into two gatherings – Pool An and Pool B. Pool-An: Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, England, Afghanistan, Scotland and Bangladesh Pool-B: Pakistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, West Indies, Ireland and UAE.

2015 Cricket World Cup Schedule

14, Fabruary 2015Group A – New Zealand vs Sri LankaChristchurch, NZ22:00 GMT
14, Fabruary 2015Group A – Australia vs EnglandMelbourne03:30 GMT
15, Fabruary 2015Group B – South Africa vs ZimbabweHamilton01:00 GMT
15, Fabruary 2015Group B – India vs PakistanAdelaide03:30 GMT
16, Fabruary 2015Group B – Ireland vs West IndiesSaxton Oval, Nelson22:00 GMT
17, Fabruary 2015Group A – New Zealand vs ScotlandDunedin22:00 GMT
18, Fabruary 2015Group A – Afghanistan v BangladeshCanberra03:30 GMT
19, Fabruary 2015Group B – Zimbabwe vs UAESaxton Oval, Nelson22:00 GMT
20, Fabruary 2015Group A – New Zealand vs EnglandWellington01:00 GMT
21, Fabruary 2015Group B – Pakistan vs West IndiesChristchurch22:00 GMT
21, Fabruary 2015Group A – Australia vs BangladeshBrisbane03:30 GMT
22, Fabruary 2015Group A – Afghanistan vs Sri LankaDunedin22:00 GMT
22, Fabruary 2015Group B – India vs South AfricaMelbourne03:30 GMT
23, Fabruary 2015Group A – England vs ScotlandChristchurch22:00 GMT
24, Fabruary 2015Group B – West Indies vs ZimbabweCanberra03:30 GMT
25, Fabruary 2015Group B – Ireland vs UAEBrisbane03:30 GMT
26, Fabruary 2015Group A – Afghanistan vs ScotlandDunedin22:00 GMT
26, Fabruary 2015Group A – Bangladesh vs Sri LankaMelbourne03:30 GMT
27, Fabruary 2015Group B – South Africa vs West IndiesSydney03:30 GMT
28, Fabruary 2015Group A – New Zealand vs AustraliaAuckland01:00 GMT
28, Fabruary 2015Group B – India vs UAEPerth06:30 GMT
01, March 2015Group A – England vs Sri LankaWellington22:00 GMT
01, March 2015Group B – Pakistan vs ZimbabweBrisbane03:30 GMT
03, March 2015Group B – Ireland vs South AfricaCanberra03:30 GMT
04, March 2015Group B – Pakistan vs UAENapier01:00 GMT
04, March 2015Group A – Australia vs AfghanistanPerth06:30 GMT
05, March 2015Group A – Bangladesh vs ScotlandSaxton Oval, Nelson22:00 GMT
06, March 2015Group B – India vs West IndiesPerth06:30 GMT
07, March 2015Group B – Pakistan vs South AfricaAuckland01:00 GMT
07, March 2015Group B – Ireland vs ZimbabweHobart03:30 GMT
08, March 2015Group A – New Zealand v AfghanistanNapier22:00 GMT
08, March 2015Group A – Australia vs Sri LankaSydney03:30 GMT
09, March 2015Group A – England vs BangladeshAdelaide03:30 GMT
10, March 2015Group B – India vs IrelandHamilton01:00 GMT
11, March 2015Group A – Sri Lanka vs ScotlandHobart03:30 GMT
12, March 2015Group B – South Africa vs UAEWellington01:00 GMT
13, March 2015Group A – New Zealand vs BangladeshHamilton01:00 GMT
13, March 2015Group A – Afghanistan vs EnglandSydney03:30 GMT
14, March 2015Group B – India vs ZimbabweAuckland01:00 GMT
14, March 2015Group A – Australia vs ScotlandHobart03:30 GMT
15, March 2015Group B – West Indies vs UAENapier22:00 GMT
15, March 2015Group B – Ireland v PakistanAdelaide Oval03:30 GMT
18, March 20151st Quarter-FinalSydney03:30 GMT
19, March 20152nd Quarter-FinalMelbourne03:30 GMT
20, March 2015 3rd Quarter-FinalAdelaide03:30 GMT
21, March 2015 4th Quarter-FinalWellington01:00 GMT
24, March 20151st Semi-FinalAuckland01:00 GMT
26, March 20152nd Semi-FinalSydney03:30 GMT
29, March 2015THE WORLD CUP 2015 FINALMelbourne03:30 GMT



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