Chocolate Cream Cake Simple & Easy Recipe

Chocolate Cream Cake Recipe 

chocolate cake recipie

Ingredients And Method

1. Flour  (2 cups)
2. Coco powder  (1 cup)
3. Baking soda (2 tea spoon)
4. Baking powder (1teaspoon)
5. Salt  (1 pinch)
6. Caster sugar (2 cups)
7. Eggs ( 3 )
8. Oil  ( Half cup )
9. Vanilla essence (  Half teaspoon )
10. Hot coffee (1 cup)
11. Butter milk (3/4 cup)
12. Hung yogurt  (Half cup)
Strain flour, coco powder, powderand baking soda.
Take a bowl And Add caster sugar, egg, oil and vanilla , shake  well.
Add yogurt and during beating add coffee, buttermilk and dry ingredients Get into mix.
Then pour All This in a round cake pan and in preheated oven for 45, 5 minutes on 180 degrees*C.
When it will done,cool it completely.
Then Decorate The Cake and Enjoy

Ingredients For Chocolate Frosting:
1. Chocolate chopped (1 cup  Scalded cream 3/4 cup )
3. Iceing sugar  (3 oz)
4. Whipped cream ( 400 gm )
Method For Frosting:
Take a panAnd add cream and shake it. Then add chocolate and let it melt the chocolate warm cream. Until then beat 400 gm wipped cream with iceing sugar and add in chocolate mix. Then paste it on cake and decorate the cake.


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