Best 5 Ways To Speed Up Your Computer Performence

Slow computer and laptop is also a headache for those people who do regular work on laptop, computer or android device. This is very annoying that you wait very long to solve an issue on computer desktop because of low speed of computer. There are many causes that make your pc slow and irritating so to avoid that just make some effort  by doing following works and your pc will become faster. You do install many of applications and programs. You play games on your pc because you love to play heavy games. You wants advanced software and programs in your pc.

How To Speed Up Your Computer

Today I will tell you how to speed up computer with simple tips and tricks But Let me tell you first that heavy games and software reserve more cache to run the program and wants more RAM on your pc so when you play heavy game or software then all your Ram and cache got engagd there and your pc have no space to do other tasks so your pc goes slow down. Here are some tips, by following them you can get rid from slow speed pc or low cache RAM speed. Just do some effort to make your pc faster.

Reduce or Limit the Startup Programs

Each time when the users start the PC, some programs automatically start to run in the background and to leave no performance room behind. These can be in the shape of software updaters, torrent clients, download manager or other programs. By reducing or limit the startup process, you can improve the performance of your PC. CCleaner can be used for this purpose.

Use an Antivirus

Most of the PC users hate to use antivirus programs thinking that instead of helping these even reduces the performance of the PC. Well, this is not true for every antivirus. There are some antivirus programs that are designed to enhance the performance of the PC. If you have an internet connection, then antivirus must be installed in your system. Windows Defender can also be used if you are using Windows operating system.

Uninstall Unneeded Software

First of all, removes all those software that have no immediate purpose. These software in addition to slowing down the performance of the system are also capturing the space on the hard disks as well. By removing unneeded software, you will notice a considerable improvement in the performance of PC. In addition to getting the full performance, you will also get the free space on the hard drive as well.

Keep Desktop Clean

Maybe you don’t believe but the environment of desktop plays a significant role in the performance of your PC. Keeping the clean desktop means there should not be messy environment over the desktop. If you are addictive of using shortcuts, then make the folders of the important programs or simply pin them to the taskbar. Fences software can also be used for organizing the data on the desktop as well.

Run the Performance Troubleshooter

There are lots of performance troubleshooter programs that are designed to enhance the performance of the PC. If you are using Windows operating systems, then Windows itself has integrated performance troubleshooter that make the users able to improve the performance of PC by removing those hurdles that are slowing the performance of the PC. The performance troubleshooter program in Windows can be found under the System and Security area. Just run the performance troubleshooter, and you will kill all those factors that are slowing down the performance of PC and fix the every kind of errors as well.


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