3 Top Reason To Make Your Inbox Empty

3 Reasons You Must Delete Your Text Messeges From Phone

In a Result Of a Reseach we have have use our smartphones 1500 time in a week & We Send a lot of messeges to our loved one Or Friends & Family members. our smart phone have a lot of space to save that messeges but we should delete them regularly.

we are now going to post that why should we delete our text messeges from our phones.

  1. Our Smart Phones Have A Lot Of space to make that texts save but if we will save them then we will make our phone/mobile very slow. our text messeges gain a lot of space & make our smart phone very slow that we can’t browse it faster then earlier.
  2.  Dating is not only to go in a reataurant or in a park to see your loved one. text messeges that we exchange with our loved ones is also a date. if you family person or specially your wife will see this then you’ll be in problem so thats was 2nd reason to delete our text messeges from our smart phones.
  3. The Messeges we saved that we recived from our loved one, then your partner ends the relation then you should delete all the messeges you received from that person because if you’ll read then again you will be hurt & it brings sarrow to you, so thats was the 3rd reason that you should delete all your text messeges from your smart phone.

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