Prize Bond 15000 List Draw Result 2nd January 2018

National Savings Tuesday, 02 January 2018 Muzaffarabad: Prize bond Rs 15000 draw full list result will be announced on 2nd January 2018 and prize bond lucky draw ceremony will be held at Muzaffarabad city. Rs. 15000 Prize bond draw list will be held under National savings of Pakistan and will be uploaded on official website of national savings ( Prize bond 15000 list January 2018 is 73 number draw of all the time. Fifteen thousand prize bond draw result January 2018 can be download from at 5:00 PM on 02.10.2018

prize bond rs 15000 draw full list result 2nd october 2017

Tuesday. Prize bond Rs. 15000 is a costly prize bond so many people do not try this but there are people who loves to buy worthy prize bond and try their luck so they purchase 15000 rs prize bond. Like other big prize bond ie 25000 or premium prize bond 40000 this 15000 prize bond lucky winner will also have enough money so that they can enjoy fully because first winner of this prize bond will get attractive money.

15000 Prize Bond Draw List 2nd January 2018 Muzaffarabad

They can have a journey to world means world tour or they can build castle for them or they can do business to make themselves more rich but this is all about luck. First prize of Prize bond rs 15000 is 3 crore Rupees PKR that will only one person can win. A person can not get 3 crore over a night but this is only prize bond and national savings that will make 1 person rich over night from all over the Pakistan. Second prize of 15000 prize bond is 1 crore that will only three person can win throughout the Pakistan. 1696 lucky winners can get 1 lac and 85 thousand rupees as reward on third winning. Do not loose heart if you win third prize but just think that you have 1 lac and 85 thousand rupees. An average salary of any person in Pakistan is 30K to 40K it means you won 4 to 6 salaries at once. All the Rs. 15000 Prize bond holders are waiting for 02,10,2018 Tuesday so that they can check either they have won the prize or not and they will be glad to know that they can their 15000 Prize bond List 2018 will be announced on 02/10/2018 on this page so stay connected on this page for more updates about prize bond 15000 list 2018. National savings Prize bond 15000 #73 Draw Full List Result January 2018 Will be held at Muzaffarabad and result list will be upload here as soon as it will be announced by national savings.

15000 Prize Bond List 02-01-2018 At Muzaffarabad By National Savings

Prize bond business is very good in pakistan for both national savings and people of pakistan. National savings is doing a well job with prize bond business so that they use the money for pakistan’s betterment and people who purchase prize bond got some money so that they can have much money. Low price prize bond ie 100 Prize bond, 200 Prize bond, 750 Rs. Prize bond are are students or for those can not buy enough worthy prize bond as they get short money as reward but High price prize bonds have big rewards like 15000 rs prize bond draw list reward is 3 crore rupees that a average person can not afford to have over a night so costly prize bond are beneficial then the student prize bond, 100, 200, 750 etc but this is game of luck no one can get the lucky number there will be a one person who can get the first prize so please do not go for prize bond 15000 guess papers or baba’s prize bond papers and do not waste your money in such things. National savings have proper advance Lott system with that only person will be choosed for qura andazi prizebond 15000 list 2018. No guru or baba can give you the exact lucky number nor they are such qualifited that they can tell you with magic that this number will be next so beawair of these kind of fraud’s and save your money that you have earned with hardwork.

Prize Bond Rs.15000 Guess Papers January 2018

Draw No.: 73th
Series : COMMON DRAW Date : 02/01/2018

First Prize of Rs. 30,000,000/-

Comming soon
Second Prize of Rs.10,000,000/- Each

Coming soon
Third Prizes of Rs.185,000/- Each (1696 Prizes)


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