10 Local Street Foods To Enjoy In Karachi During Rain

best samosa in karachi from dabas

As Lahore was the special one for food and Karachi was favourite for its visiting places but now in this era both cities have different delicious item to taste in rainy season because Karachi is now also known for its Best Street Food Dabas in Karachi. If you start a food business in Karachi, your business will be amazing no matter you open a restaurant or a roadside café dhaba. Sometime we are walking on road and it comes raining and you smell the hot food cooking around you and you forget your wallet at home except some money in your pocked then you will not be able to go to a five star restaurant. You will prefer to put something on your stomach fire from a roadside dhaba.

10 Dhaba Foods That You Can Enjoy in Karachi During Rain

At webstudy.pk we will tell 10 food that you can eat from a roadside daba in Karachi on a rainy day and can enjoy the climate. There are various options for you and you can choose one according to your taste. Believe me no one will judge you for showing up your gim trouser or pajamas. Owners of the dabas in Karachi are very humble that they will serve the food in your car so you will not have to get down from your vehicle. Here are 10 delicious street foods that you can enjoy in a rainy day in Karachi.

French Fries:best roadside french fries in karachi

If you love to have French fries on a rainy day then you can eat them from anywhere on roadside in Karachi because at every sales point you will get fatty and greasy chips. All the French fries dabas in Karachi make awesome fingers and we recommend all the place that you see on roadside because we love all of them.

Gol Gappa, Pani Puri & Chaat:best gol gappay in karachi at roadside thella

As some people love to eat something made of ice in rainy day and some people likes to eat something spicy but light and that is gol gappay and pani puri. Either you eat it from a local shop or from a vender it will taste same but although we will recommend Rajoo ki Chaat at main bahadurabad.

Bun Kabab:bun kabas best selling place in karachi

It smells great and looks very glory and tasty. You will see many vender in Karachi selling bun Kebabs and if you are tired of your boreing office work and want to enjoy some time on road while eating karachi’s special Bun kebabs then you can have special Bun Kababs From Nursery Kay Bun kebabs.

Kulfi & Gola Ganda:gola ganda & kulfi venders in karachi best gola ganda & kulfi seller in karachi

Many people loves to have something cold in the rainy cold season because it gives them pleasure. So we recommend to those people who love to eat gola ganda and kulfi from Dhoraji because that shop is affordable & have fine quality.

Dosa:best dosa seller thella in karachi

Dosa is not much famous in Karachi but many people in Karachi loves to eat it and they find it somehow. Dosa is spicy boiled potatos filled in crispy flatbread and fried in oil and serve with curry or chutney that makes it more delicious while eating. Little van outside Tooso is best place to eat Dosa on a rainy day.

Kabab Rolls:delicious kabab rolls roadside vender in karachi

Kabab rolls remember us the school days when our mother made kebab Rolls lunch box and all we eat that with great smile on our face. In a rainy day in Karachi you can eat Hot n spicy’s Chicken Rolls with Chutney.

Kachori:best spicy kachories place in karachi

New Passport Office In Karachi you can find best kachori shops and dabas that cook very delicious and massive smell like kachories. In a rainy day, returning from office work and you find a vender frying hot kachories, then what will you do? Will you stop to eat something or not?

Shawarma:best shawarma selling point in karachi on affordable price order online shawarma

All’s favourite street food “Shawarma” is famous from the Aghas super market that is also a best choice to eat in a rainy day if you love to have something juicy, spicy and delicious. Shawarma is middle eastern dish.

Samosa & Jalebi:best samosa in karachi from dabas

Everyone in Pakistan is fond of samosa and jalebi because these are the traditional food items. People nowadays eat spicy samosas on rainy day and jalebi looks perfect with tea in a rainy climate with cloud are all around.

Chai & Pratha:chai & pratha venders shop in karachi

Almost each daba is Karachi looks frying mouthwatering pratha on a rainy day and how can we stop ourself to eat that meaningful pratha with chai. There are various types of prathas available in Karachi on road side. You can have a delicious pratha with chai cup in just Rs. 100 or less. You can find best Pratha & Chai from alamgir hotel.


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